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Please see the 2023 Calendar of Events for more upcoming events.
There is no additional admission fee for these lectures. Regular museum admission rates apply. Donations are appreciated to help support our educational programs.


Please join us on March 14th at 1 PM when Trudie Jackson returns with a

special presentation, Challenging the Colonial Structure of Museums: Miss Chief Eagle Testickle.

Historically, North American art and cultural institutions display portraits that often depict images of European settlers' and landscape images of domination and power over indigenous people and land. While these works are often described as portraying real people in historical sites, they often center European men in position of power. What is absent is the critical view of heteronormative ideologies that inform artwork. This lecture examines the oppressive and suppressive views of gender and sexuality, with use of a trickster, created by Kent Monkman of the First Nations. The presence of the "time-traveling, shape-shifting, gender-fluid alter-ego" challenges the colonial structures of museums.

On April 4th at 1 PM, please join us in the Pueblo Building for a special presentation! Archaeologist Dick Ryan will present Ice Age Arizona: Plants, Animals, & People.

Dick Ryan Lecture.png
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