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The Museum of Indigenous People is an
Institution of Education with the Mission:

To instill understanding and respect for the indigenous cultures of the southwest.

To understand and to respect cultures so different from one’s own, requires education, whether one is in elementary school, or of mature age. Every day, Native cultures are changing, growing, and advancing their own traditions. At The Museum of Indigenous People, we share this information with everyone who attends a class or lecture, and with those visiting our gallery. Participation in special events, volunteer programs, and all other educational opportunities, provides the community a personal relationship with the museum, while it learns about the indigenous cultures of the southwest.

Educational Outreach

The Museum of Indigenous People offers a unique educational experience for your school and classes!  We are here to help you engage your students  with :

· Tours

· Hands on activities

· Cultural awareness

· Lectures, presentations  

· Prehistoric , historic, & contemporary exhibits

· Children under 12 are always FREE!

Our curriculum is geared to meet 3rd and 4th grade Arizona Department of Education Standards Based Teaching and Learning, and also accommodates standards for all grade levels, 1—12.

· American History

· Early Civilizations 

· Exploration and Colonization

· Westward Expansion

· Emergence of the Modern U. S.

· Contemporary U. S.  

The Museum of Indigenous People has the largest collection of locally-sourced, prehistoric pottery on display in the country. Our knowledgeable staff and certified docents are well-versed in the varied exhibits throughout the museum. Included are objects from the Archaic Period through contemporary Native arts.

The hands-on learning portion of the tour ensures that students get a genuine feel
for what prehistoric and historic life was like. 

Our Native American Advisory Council is comprised of Indigenous people from Native nations throughout the Southwestern U.S.. They advise museum staff on ways to accurately depict the cultures represented in the museum.  Their guidance provides for authentic  educational experiences for visitors.

The Museum of Indigenous People puts great emphasis on contemporary Native American life.  Indigenous people are still here and celebrating their rich and vibrant cultures today.  Students learn that Native people are a vital part of our pluralistic community.  Our lectures and workshops are perfect for high school and college students. We cover everything from pre-historic and historic topics, to important issues facing Native Americans today.  Instructors and lectors are expert in the topics shared.

Educational Outreach Brochure
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