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 Ani-Noquisi Special Exhibit | Star Nation

 Open through June 2024.
A View of Indigenous Ways from a New Perspective


Exhibit Brochure

147 N. Arizona Ave., Prescott AZ.

An endless blanket of glistening lights suspended in unfathomably deep velvety darkness– that is what the people gaze into. Wonderment abounds. Fascination with the cosmos influences art, stories, and traditions.


            Ancient petroglyphs and pictographs dating back thousands of years depict celestial phenomena and the deities they inspired. They are seen on rock walls all over the globe. The heavens unite us all, as the stars themselves are a nation, the Ani~Noquisi.


            The Cherokee word means “Star Nation” or “Star People.” In this special exhibit, we celebrate the dual meaning. Offered is a view of indigenous ways from a new perspective.


            Learn about cultural connections to the universe and how Native symbolism is reflected in Hollywood productions. Understand why science fiction plots appeal to communities for their reminiscence to battles against colonialism. Unravel contemporary myths about ancient aliens. Explore the Ani~Noquisi.

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